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Project Loon: How Google & Project X Plan To Get Every Human Online

The year is 2017, and though we don’t have flying cars or tiny pills that microwave into a fresh turkey dinner, we as a species have managed to acquire a wealth of knowledge and useful information and wired the planet so we can all share it. Well, most of us can share it.

The truth is that only about 40% of the world’s population currently has access to the Internet. (You can visit www.internetlivestats.com to see a live and current tally of how many people are online). So what about the remaining 60% that live in rural or sparsely populated areas that have no telecommunications infrastructure in place?

Google, through a new project simply called “X”, has found a beautifully simple, yet elegant solution. Balloons. Giant helium balloons that act as floating cell towers. Each balloon measures almost 50 feet in diameter, and can float at an altitude of 12 miles over the surface of the earth. There, in the earth’s stratosphere, the balloons can safely float twice as high as commercial airplanes.

There are already hundreds of active “Loon Balloons” bringing Internet to isolated parts of South America and Australia, and we can expect to see an entire fleet launching in the next few years. We can’t wait to see what the other half of the world has to share, and we hope they too have cats wearing funny hats. 🙂

Visit httpss://x.company/loon/ to read more about Project Loon and the technology that makes it possible.

The difference between “domain name registration” & “web hosting”

“Domain Names” and “Web Hosting” are two terms commonly used in discussions about creating a new website.

A “Domain Name” is the name of your website. It often ends with “.com”, and it’s what you’d type into an internet browser to navigate to your website (for example, www.yourcompany.com). A domain name may also be referred to as an “Address”, “Web Address”, or “URL”. Read more

Happy Birthday Michael Dell!

Happy Birthday Michael Dell! Let’s celebrate with a great deal on a computer 🙂

Join Brainy Beaver in wishing a very happy birthday to Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell Technologies. Happy Birthday, Mr. Dell – and thanks for all you’ve done to progress the evolution of personal computers! Today, we’ll celebrate by sharing a fantastic deal we found on a Windows 10 Dell laptop.
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Free Facebook cover photo!

Stock image optimized to look great as your profile cover banner.

Please enjoy this 100% royalty free image, perfectly pre-sized for your Facebook profile cover photo, courtesy of Brainy Beaver! Restaurant quality imagery, and it’s on the house 😉

Original stock image courtesy of pixabay.com.

Download the free font “Slot” and check out how we used it!

With some imagination, fonts can be more versatile and useful than they first appear. It was probably not what the creator had in mind, but here we’ve used the “Slot Font” as a base to create a logo that simulates the appearance of a trumpet. There are countless free fonts out there in tons of styles, so get extra creative with your next project!

Download “Slot Font” here.

Useful And 100% Royalty Free Flat Icon Set!

Feel free to use this 100% free Flat Icon set in your next website or graphic design project!

Flat design uses minimal details and clever shading to achieve a cool, 3D effect that’s clean, bright, and pleasant to the eye. Download the icon set here. A big thanks to the creator Deiv for this free set and all of his other great work

VLC Media Player: Compatible. Flexible. Awesome.

If you’ve been using computers as long as we have, then you too have felt the inconvenient struggle to try and play a music or video file that produces nothing but playback or file-type errors. Oh, you wanted to listen to that new Drake album or watch Star Wars on Blu-ray while you should be working? Nope! Your default media player says no 🙁

For those times that stuff just doesn’t work the way it should, give VLC a shot before heading back to Netflix. VLC Player is a free and flexible program that loads fast, and plays all types of multimedia formats without needing to download codecs or plugins! It will recognize original and burned CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s, and runs on all platforms including Windows, MAC OS X and more.

You can also customize VLC with all kinds of skins and extensions to make it even more awesome and unique to your personal preferences. Check out www.videolan.org and start using VLC today!

Instantly discover the perfect color schemes & combinations

Discover the Perfect Color Schemes & Combinations for your painting or design project, with Coolors.co.

Coolors is a beautiful and easy to use website that performs one amazing function with the click of a button. You choose a starting color, or group of colors, and every time you click the spacebar it will generate new colors that match well with your starting color!

You can even control certain details like the shade, hue, saturation and brightness, allowing you to generate countless color combos for you to choose from. There do exist other free website with color generators, but we at Brainy Beaver have found Coolors.co to be the most fun and visually pleasing to use.
Visit www.coolors.co today, view the brief tutorial and start generating!

Brainy Beaver’s Computer Matchmaking Service

Let Brainy Beaver identify your needs (and budget), then find the best deal for you!

If you’ve been shopping for a new computer, you may have noticed that the options are a bit confusing and at times overwhelming. The stores and brands to choose from are virtually endless! Let Brainy Beaver identify your needs (and budget), then find the best deal for you.

We’ve helped lots of people find a computer they can truly love and rely on. We know where to look, which retailers to avoid, and what to look for in a good PC deal. We make no profit from your purchase, we’re just here to help steer you toward the perfect PC for you. 🙂

We’ll check the top retailers (Best Buy, Staples, Dell, Newegg, etc.), as well as our own trusted resources, to find the best-priced products that completely match your needs. You’ll receive a report of your top five matches, including the direct web link or physical address to purchase them.

This service is available now for just $19.99. Want it for free? Schedule an in-home setup for your new computer ($179) and we’ll waive your matchmaker fee.

Let a Brainy Beaver computer expert visit your home (or office) to: Unbox your PC and get it online, install your (printer, speakers, and USB devices), transfer data from your old PC, install your favorite programs, install software updates, install antivirus/security software, optimize your internet browser, remove bloatware, and set up a regular data backup.

Contact a Brainy Beaver matchmaker for more information!