What-Is-Computer-Repair? Computer Technician fixing desktop computer and smiling at camera.

What Is Computer Repair?

Computer repair is the process of fixing a broken computer. It can be as simple as replacing a broken part or as complicated as rebuilding the entire system. It can be done by a professional computer repair technician, or by the owner of the computer.

Common Types Of Computer Problems


The most common type of computer repair is computer hardware repair, which involves fixing or replacing faulty computer hardware components such as the motherboard, hard drive, RAM, graphics card and power supply.

The second most common problems that people have with their computers are software related. These include operating system software, computer equipment, and network connectivity problems.

More Information About Computer Repair Services

Computer Repair Technician As A Profession

A computer repair technician is someone who repairs computers for a living. They are computer support specialists, experienced in repairing all kinds of different hardware and software issues that may arise with computers. From operating system software to data recovery, computer repair technicians are responsible for diagnosing, troubleshooting, and repairing all types of hardware and software problems.


The job of a computer repair technician is to diagnose the problem with the computer or other device. They will then try to fix it by replacing parts or by using software tools to remove viruses or malware from the operating systems on the hard disk. Software updates may prevent the return of these issues.

Computer Repair Technicians

Experienced computer repair technicians have a lot of knowledge about computer repair, and how computers work. In order to do their job well, they also need good customer service skills because they will be dealing with customers who are often frustrated about their broken devices. It’s a bad sign if the company you contact has bad reviews online.

Computer repair technicians will diagnose the problem with your computer and then provide you with an estimate for how much it will cost to fix it. A computer technician will also fix software problems by installing updates to installed applications and removing malware from the operating system.

Computer Repair Information

Computer repair is a repair service that is needed by many people. It can be for a variety of reasons, such as malware, or hardware failure. The hourly rates for computer repair technicians vary depending on the type of service and the specific computer repair technician.

How Much Does A Computer Repair Technician Make?

Labor statistics show the average salary for a computer repair technician is $36,000 per year. There is a possibility that this data is skewed because of the difference between a part-time and full-time computer technician.

How Much Does A Technician Charge For Computer Repairs?

The average hourly rate for computer repair services is $125 per hour. If the technicians you contact charge less, it’s a possible sign that the technician or technicians advertising cheap computer repairs may not be as qualified as a professional.

Network Services By PC Repair Techs

Computer repair is a service that is needed when there are problems with a computer. A technician’s most common issues are network connectivity problems. In depth knowledge is needed to troubleshoot local area networks, WiFi problems, various types of network systems and Internet technology. It’s a good sign if your technician has qualifications for various programs.

Computer Hardware Repair

The first step to fixing these problems is to have your technician identify the problem with the technology. Using that data, technicians will either perform repair services on site – or else – using Windows remote desktop services, technicians can fix computers using an Internet connection to provide repair services remotely.

There are many different types of repair services that technicians can provide for yourself or your company laptop or desktop computers. From viruses, to problematic programs, to troubleshooting peripherals, to services like fixing servers, computer technicians are an invaluable resource for all sorts of technology equipment.

Our Top 10 Favorite Things To Ask Siri!

If your’re one of many people with an Apple iPhone, you’ve probably used Siri’s voice command at some point to schedule a reminder or set an alarm…but did you know there’s a whole bunch of weird stuff you can ask Siri and actually get an unexpected response? Here’s just a few of our favorites, comment below if there’s a good one we missed!

  • 01? Ask Siri, “Is this the real life?” Then prepare to be serenaded by robot Freddy Mercury!
  • 02? Siri is a true fan of cinema… Just ask her what “Inception” or “The Matrix (1999) are about.
  • 03? She’s also a hopeless romantic. Ask Siri “Will you go on a date with me?” or “Do you have a girlfriend?”
  • 04? Also try asking her “What are you wearing?” She may surprise you.
  • 05? Ask Siri “Can you beatbox?”. Then get out your glow sticks and prepare to RAVE!
  • 06? “Is Winter coming?” Fans already know that Winter is here, but it’s still funny!
  • 07? “What is zero divided by zero? Proof that Siri knows math AND sarcasm.
  • 08? Ask Siri “Do you like Pokemon Go?” at least 5 times, she has a lot to say on the subject!
  • 09? Feeling poetic? Ask Siri, “Read me a Haiku”. She has several in her repertoire.
  • 10? Or if you’re in a spiritual mood, ask her what the meaning of life is. She has several responses!

Chrome Browser Extension Review-FlixAssist for Netflix

FlixAssist: Removes the “Continue watching” & 30-second delay between Netflix shows!

Are you sick of Netflix constantly judging you while you’re in the middle of your 6-hour “Parks & Rec” marathons? The simple Chrome browser extension “FlixAssist” will automatically click the “Continue watching” button for you as soon as it pops up!  Also, to make it even easier for you to stayed plugged into “the Matrix” without being sucked back into reality, the app removes the 30 second countdown timer in between episodes. We truly are living in the future. ? You can install Flix Assist HERE.

Now, just sit back with your snacks under your Slanket, and prepare to watch way more TV than one person should!

How To Get A Windows 7 Start Menu For Windows 10!

Windows 10 has lots of awesome new features, but many of us miss the classic start menus we had in Windows 7. Luckily, there is a great program called “Classic Shell” that allows us to get back our familiar start menu, along with customizable options to truly make it our own.

First, you’ll want to download the program from www.classicshell.net. It is 100% free, but if you appreciate the program, consider making a donation to thank the developers.

Once Classic Shell is finished installing, click the start menu and you should see that it’s already working. What you’ll want to do is RIGHT CLICK your mouse on the start menu and click “Settings”. The first tab you’ll see allows you to choose one of three styles of classic start menus.

If you like the appearance as is, you won’t have to change anything, but try out the different styles to find the one you like best!

We hope this program allows you to enjoy Windows 10 as much as we do, but if you have any trouble installing “Classic Shell” (or any other software), feel free to contact Brainy Beaver at any time!

How To Protect Yourself From Ransomware

It makes me sad to see how many of our customers are falling victim to ransomware attacks, especially since it could easily have been avoided.

I had my first ransomware encounter in 2006, when a virus called “Trojan.Pgpcoder” infected a friend’s PC.

It locked away all her pictures, music, movies, and documents and demanded hundreds of dollars for the unlock key. I’d never seen it before, but did some research and was able to salvage much of her data using data recovery techniques.

I didn’t really see anything like it again until 2013, when I was suddenly inundated with calls to remove the “FBI Moneypak” virus.

This infection also locked users out of their computer unless they paid hundreds of dollars, but I was able to fix these by booting to safe mode, removing the startup items, and running a scan with MalwareBytes before rebooting and doing full scans.

Last month my customers, and even my peers, fell victim to the WannaCry virus. Like the 2006 trojan, this virus encrypts the data (pics, docs, vids, music) and demands hundreds of dollars to unlock.

Unlike the 2006 trojan however, I CAN’T FIX THIS – NO-ONE CAN!

It overwrites the existing files with a new copy with an (impossible-to-crack) encryption. Your only option, once infected, is to restore data from an uninfected backup, or pay and pray. Many victims who’ve paid the ransom never got a response.

There was a new version released to the wild today, called PETYA and it’s the fastest spreading version ever released. It’s even taken down Chernobyl’s radiation monitoring, forcing them to use manual controls.

Quickbooks, baby photos, college essays, inventory data, and a memoir in progress are just some of the things I’ve seen lost to encryption-based ransomware, and it’s spreading FAST!


To protect yourself from this disaster, you’ll need three things.

  1. A solid real-time antivirus like MalwareBytes, or Kaspersky, that it fully up-to-date.
  2. A recent backup to the cloud, or an offline device like an external hard drive.
  3. The Microsoft Windows Update that includes the patch released on March 14th.

Please! If you need help, contact Brainy Beaver.  We always get panicked calls from unfortunate victims, when it’s too late to do anything but wipe their computers clean. You can prevent irrevocable data loss with some simple updates, and a quick backup of your PC!

Windows 10 Tips & Tricks: Set A Picture Password!

Are you constantly memorizing & typing passwords, or trying to come up with new ones that are secure and easy to remember? Me too, which is why I now use Picture Password! Windows 10 lets you set 3 gestures (lines, dots or circles) onto any image you want, and that becomes your new password! This works great with a touch screen, but is just as easy to use with your mouse. Here are instructions on how to set your picture password, and be sure to come back soon for more Windows 10 Tips & Tricks!

  1. Click the Windows Start button
  2. Click “Settings”. 
  3. Click “Accounts”.
  4. Choose “Sign-in Options” from the left side menu
  5. Scroll down & click on “Picture Password” & follow the on-screen instructions!

VLC Media Player: Compatible. Flexible. Awesome.

If you’ve been using computers as long as we have, then you too have felt the inconvenient struggle to try and play a music or video file that produces nothing but playback or file-type errors. Oh, you wanted to listen to that new Drake album or watch Star Wars on Blu-ray while you should be working? Nope! Your default media player says no 🙁

For those times that stuff just doesn’t work the way it should, give VLC a shot before heading back to Netflix. VLC Player is a free and flexible program that loads fast, and plays all types of multimedia formats without needing to download codecs or plugins! It will recognize original and burned CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s, and runs on all platforms including Windows, MAC OS X and more.

You can also customize VLC with all kinds of skins and extensions to make it even more awesome and unique to your personal preferences. Check out www.videolan.org and start using VLC today!

Brainy Beaver’s Computer Matchmaking Service

Let Brainy Beaver identify your needs (and budget), then find the best deal for you!

If you’ve been shopping for a new computer, you may have noticed that the options are a bit confusing and at times overwhelming. The stores and brands to choose from are virtually endless! Let Brainy Beaver identify your needs (and budget), then find the best deal for you.

We’ve helped lots of people find a computer they can truly love and rely on. We know where to look, which retailers to avoid, and what to look for in a good PC deal. We make no profit from your purchase, we’re just here to help steer you toward the perfect PC for you. 🙂

We’ll check the top retailers (Best Buy, Staples, Dell, Newegg, etc.), as well as our own trusted resources, to find the best-priced products that completely match your needs. You’ll receive a report of your top five matches, including the direct web link or physical address to purchase them.

This service is available now for just $19.99. Want it for free? Schedule an in-home setup for your new computer ($179) and we’ll waive your matchmaker fee.

Let a Brainy Beaver computer expert visit your home (or office) to: Unbox your PC and get it online, install your (printer, speakers, and USB devices), transfer data from your old PC, install your favorite programs, install software updates, install antivirus/security software, optimize your internet browser, remove bloatware, and set up a regular data backup.

Contact a Brainy Beaver matchmaker for more information!