These are two terms that are commonly used in discussions about owning a website or starting a new one.
Simply put, your “Domain Name” is the physical address, or URL of your website. For example, Ideally this would contain the exact name of your company, but many people choose clever or varied domain names depending on availability or marketing slogans. Since every domain name is 100% unique and only one person on earth at a time can own a domain name, many of the popular and obvious name have already been registered. In this case, try to choose a name that most closely resembles your business name or one that is associated with a company slogan or marketing campaign.

“Web Hosting” is the physical space on the internet where your website and files are stored. Your Domain Name is linked to your hosting provider, so without hosting your website cannot be viewed by anyone online! Think of your Domain Name as a giant sign with your company name on it, and the hosting is the actual store below it that holds all of your products and information for your visitors!

It’s also good to know that standard domain names typically cost only $15 per year to own, and web hosting costs as little as $5 per month but can increase depending on what features and security options you choose. Feel free to check out this article on Web Hosting to explore your hosting options!

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